The belief in one sole impersonal God who has created the world penetrated in Greece thru Iran. Herodotus corroborates this when he says that: “the Persians have no Gods images, no temples nor altars. This I think, comes and from the not appreciating the Gods to have the same nature as men, as imagined with the help of the Greeks.

Furthermore, iranians were against worshipping idols and for that reason when Xerxes conquered Greece, he ordered the Gods Statues of Greeks to be destroyed and the temples to be burned, marcus author. Tells us that: “the Greeks like us, Statues and had images for their Gods. Xerxes reckoned that the universe God has no peculiar place of residence and one cannot imprison him in the form of an idol in one limited place.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. Judaic and Christian religions were greatly influenced with the help of the ‘preIslamic’ religions of such as Mithraism, Iran and Mazdaism.

Consequently, insofar as their engineering prowess, Iranians built magnificent water ways, bridges or canals. Whenever connecting thru the orange, the Nile and the Mediterranean Sea, In matter of fact Darius ordered that the Mediterranean be connected to the reddish Sea while digging a canal. As a outcome, darius canal started somewhere above the Bubastis, joined the Nile river and after passing thru Tumulat Wadi near the present Suez, joined the redish Sea, and respectively connecting Europe to Asia by the sea. This canal was from 2 view points rather crucial to the Iranians. It helped armies movement betwixt the Persian Gulf and Indian ocean, to the Mediterranean fields of action and vice versa, secondly it helped to increase the ad transactions between this kind of areas via an inexpensive means of transport. You see, darius ordered an extraordinary Memorial Tablet in four languages to be erected in commemoration of such an event, once it was stopped. You see, this Tablet, was discovered 130 years ago in ‘ShalufalTorabeh’ situated around 20 miles current west Suez Canal.

Now pay attention please. The Achaemenid kings promoted different founding colleges through the width and breath of the immense Empire. Sounds familiar , doesn’t it? One such college was the one Darius ordered Osaharis to, the Egyptian or Nitti build in Sais. Anyways, on this Statue man, that is kept in the Vatican Museum, it is written: “By order of Darius, I and the O. King founded the faculty of Medicine in Sais and provided it with books and the youthful men were sent there to study medicine. Remember, cause consequently was the O. Order King of Persia who propogated the medicine with an eye to heal the patients. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Another rather crucial Iranian university we understand about is Gondi Shapur. This college consisted of a medicinal academy. You see, about this university, Dr. Sounds familiar , doesn’t it? Cyril Elgood in his brochure:’ Persia medic history science ‘ states: “there is figured out the ideal of modern medicine, study of current publication, modification thru experience as well as methods for the use of somebody else.

Justice is the Iranian corner stone national philosophy. Then, iran ideal rulers were all and right in the dealings with the subjects. Truth virtues and Justice were much emphasized with the help of Darius and extolled in several of his inscriptions. Now let me tell you something. They paid good importance to justice efficient administration. While unaging and universe splendor, fear Him my sons, records what Cyrus the OK says to Cambyses and his sons, Bardia and in his deathbed about following importance the path of righteousness and justice: “The everlasting God above, who beholds all things, with whom is all force, who upholds the order of this unfathomable in beauty, unmarred, in, unerring. Let me tell you something. For God has not hidden you in the darkness and your deeds will be manifest in all eyes mankind; in case you meditate evil against one another you will forfeit the confidence of every man, right after the Almighty, I should have you revere this race of man, as it renews itself for ever.

Seriously. In craftsmanship domain and Culture, Iranian contribution to classical culture of Europe and Asia is fairly notable. Oftentimes professor Arthur Upham Pope states: “The Iranian contributions to classical culture, though as yet imperfectly determined, basics or were definite, as the late American scholar. It’s a well as indicated by Dr. Avery: “With the Mithraism dissemination in Europe, Iran achieved a remarkable hold over Western Europe. Notice, iranian moral and spiritual notions over Europe folks and the Levant in the weeks immediately preceding the establishment official Christianity. That said, iran’s influence in Europe did not end with Roman termination authority there. That’s right. Modern work scholars is beginning to prove that the origin of a great deal of principal Euro attitudes of mind and literary forms were in reality Iranian. The Manichean influence was undoubtedly significant but various different channels must also were open. It is interesting to speculate on how much chivalry, for example and with its institutions of courtly love, may owe its origin to Iran. Nonetheless, chivalry was so significant in saving civilization in Europe from total Eclypse.

In reference to the Iranians’ love for beauty, Dr. You should take this seriously. Donald Wilber in his writing ‘ Persian Gardens and Garden Pavilions ‘ states: “since the Persians were so fond of gardens and flowers, they took steps to recreate a floral atmosphere in the process of inclement seasons. With all that said. The manner in which artificial flowers and trees were made and used is a subject in itself. One Persian manuscript, in the India back office Library at London, gives directions for making artificial flowers.