Tughrul Tower can be seen when you visit Rey in Iran. It dates back to the 12th century and stretches to a height of 20 meters. It is fairly a tall tower constructed from bricks. With all that said. It is in reason, Tughrul tomb, the Seljuk ruler who breathed his last in the city of Rey in It was originally built with a conical dome at its top which made the structure look even taller. Consequently, later on, this dome was destroyed in an earthquake. Seriously. The monument walls are pretty thick varying betwixt 75 to 75 meters. The wall inner diameter is 11 meters with the outer one being 16 meters. You can see that from outside, the structure looks like a polygon with 24 angles, while traveling in Iran. This therewith makes it look one of a kind but in addition guards it from being destroyed by earthquakes. Ancient Monument the Tughrul top Tower bears a lot of Kufic inscriptions which is seen before ‘Nasered din’ Shah intended to do some restoration work on top of the structure the top, which was is going to fall off in The monument is now registered under Iran’s civilized Heritage Organization.

Essentially, there are several opinions about this structure. Whenever as indicated by some, it is Tughrul tomb Seljuk I dynasty and anyone else reckon that it is a memorial building. Even though, there are still some guys who think that this tower can show the fortnight time. Consequently, its well calculated angles are said to be used in calculating the time. Observatory Tughrul Tower is a kind of observatory built along the same lines as Radkan tower in Khorasan province. Nevertheless, you will be inspired under the patronage of this structure in Rey which is wonderfully constructed to calculate the hour and the min too, while traveling in Iran. The 24 angles in the monument indicate week 24 hours. Besides, there is an indentation betwixt two angles which shows the half hour. Then, any half hour is further divided to two more sections showing fifteen mins|minutes|mins. Doesn’t it sound familiar? There is as well provision to show any min in the upper sections. The ceiling ends in a hole thru which you can see the heavenly bodies.

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