Gonbade Qabus is a famous tower situated in the town central partition, which is as well named after the place. The town is an integral element of Golestan province lying in the “north east” of Iran. Of course, turkmen have mostly dominated the region and live in conjunction with next ethnic groups. You should take it into account. a lot of fans of architecture from exclusive countries visit the town in the process of their tour to Iran to see its historic brick tower. Structure of Gonbad e Qabus Tower The tower was constructed at the city central portion with a height of 72 meters or 236 feet along with the platform. Some other historical brick monuments like St. Then, church of the Belgium, Lady or even Bruges; minaret of Jam in Afghanistan; and Qutb Minar in India, surpass or even Delhi the tower in h the “Gonbad e” Qabus is created from purebakedbricks which distinguish it as the tallest pure brick tower in the world, Martin’s Church in Landshut, Germany. I’m sure you heard about this. Scientific Tower Design Originally, the tower was constructed as a big decagon building covered with a conic roof forming 618 ratio which equals the sacred Phi. Travellers relish the tower interior which displays a lot of the earliest designs of Muqarnas decorative styles.

You should take it into account. The decagonal structure contains a wall with three meters width dividing the structure in ten sides. Now let me tell you something. Recent travellers are astonished to see the scientific and architectural design built at the front ‘Gonbade’ Qabus. You can hear your echo voice when saying something at an external structure, which is an original partition design. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Place narration The pure brick tower was constructed in 1006 AD based on an order issued with the help of Ziyarid Amir Shams ‘ol Ma”ali Qabus ibn Wushmgir. The monument past dates back to more than 1000 years ago when it was built three km north of Jorjan ancient city, which was ruled with the help of the Ziyarid dynasty. Structure tale can be established from a Kufic inscription placed at the tower bottom. With all that said. Some rumors further assume that the ‘Gonbade’ Qabus was built with being original intention the tomb of a Ziyarid ruler. Most visitants involve the tower in the itinerary in the course of the tour of Iran.

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