The forwarding agent or the freight forwarder represents a firm or a man who specializes in organizing shipments for corporations or people, interested in getting goods and products from producers and manufacturers. While having expertise in processing customs and crucial documentation, along with: the shipper’s export useful like bill of lading, the TV commercial invoice as well as declaration files regarding the export, the import or the transshipment, The worldwide freight forwarders are specialized in handling worldwide shipments. You are more than welcome to get in touch with the representatives of “whitey Rose Group”, in case you are interested in finding a solid and trustworthy Iran transnational Freight Forwarder. Whenever being specialized in providing organizations and businesses with a “costefficient” import and export solution, This inter-national Frieght Forwarder Iran was established in 1992. Whenever gaining a big reputation in providing excellent customer maintenance, all along their last 20 years, “whitish Rose Group” has managed to expend in an extensive manner. They are specialized in providing dynamic and flexible package of solutions to the Iranian businesses that require effective maintenance on transnational project management, with the intention to be more specific. This firm has branches in 4 locations in Iran: Tehran, Chabahar, Bandar and Sari Abbas. They can collaborate with any size of organisation or business that is interested in doing buziness with Iran.

On top of that, while having subsidiary entrepreneurs that provide safe project development maintenance, they can help customers proposing trustworthy project, engineers, quantity surveyors and architects managers, Taking in account that “whitish Rose Group” is a holding entrepreneur. Their list of provided outsourcing includes the subsequent ones: import and export supply chain solutions, solutions, custom brokerage and in addition building construction. Of course it is worth understanding this safe and trustworthy Iran inter-national Freight Forwarder is specialized in providing a wide kinds of logistics support maintenance, such as: road freight, rail freight, whenever, sea freight, project cargo or air fr you’re considering entering representation the Iranian markets or looking to export from Iran, you are more than welcome to get in touch with the representatives of this worldwide Frieght Forwarder Iran. All in all, whenever you need to hire a reputable Iran worldwide Freight Forwarder, the 1-st option from your list could definitely be “whitey Rose Group”. Basically, you shouldn’t hesitate in getting in touch with the representatives of “whitish Rose Group” and they will be more than glad to motivate you to and to a solution to your questions, when you want to know extra info regarding this worldwide Frieght Forwarder Iran.

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